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Peg Leg- Bespoke Leather

Hand tooled bespoke leather belt
Peg Leg started with Roy and Yolanda working with leather in the 60’s as a hobby which over the years expanded into a full time career and passion. 
Peg Leg belts are superior quality belts made from 1st grade, vegetable tanned, cowhide 3.4-3.6mm thick. 

Each belt is a singular strip of hide in 30, 35 and 40mm widths, cut parallel to the spine of the animal to facilitate the correct direction of the grain of the leather in order to avoid stretching.  These ‘blanks’ are then cleaned and dried in preparation for tooling and dyeing. After the second application of dye, a dressing renders the coating fast and flexible.

Finally, after polishing, burnishing and fitting the hardware an heirloom is born!

Every article made bears the logo “Peg Leg” and the vintage (year produced) in Roman numerals. The entire process is manufactured by hand, including the tooling, hence proudly guaranteed a top quality product.

Buckles are moulded metal with a brushed silver nickel finish and antique brass finish. Buckles can be easily removed, changed or replaced by simply unscrewing the back as they are so designed.


We have the following designs available:

Redge (30, 35 and 40mm widths)

Plain (30, 35 and 40mm widths)

Plain with Line (30, 35 and 40mm widths)

False stitched line (only in 40mm width) 


All designs available in colours on chart

Navy blue / Tan / Brown / Dark Brown / Black